Deanne Lane Escapes Local News to Centene


Apparently even long time veterans of local TV news can get tired of doing yet another “Damn its hot” or “Wow its cold story.”  After being ejected from KSDK, and mulling offers from both KTVI and KMOV Deanne Lane has decided go the route of her old KSDK comrade and head in to the the business world.  Lane will be joining St. Louis based Centene as their director of media according to [Editor’s Note: Who we are happy to announce has moved to a blog format, so we can correctly link to the actual post now!]

To us, Deanne Lane has always been a solid newscaster, but one that isn’t all that memorable…which, we’re guessing, is the #1 reason why she is so well respected: Smooth, consistent, but not trying to make herself part of the news.

Good luck Deanne!  Drop us a line and tell us if Mike Owens is a douche as he seems on TV: editor at punchingkitty dot com

You: Hey dumb-ass, thats Diane Lane, not Deanne Lane up there!

Me: I know, I just think she’s cuter.