Tammie Holland Couldn’t Think of Anything to Just Say

This KSDK “I’m Just Sayin’” thing is such a trainwreck I can’t help but not mention it just one more time here. Why? Because I finally remembered again that KSDK was doing this and found one I was looking forward the most on their site: Tammie Holland. If you aren’t familiar, this is the spicy little vixen that had this crazy off the cuff conversation igniting statement in channel 5’s promos for the “I’m Just Sayin’” feature: [Read More]

News Chopper 5 Has Been Grounded

More cost-cutting measures continue to be created to keep our struggling local news operations afloat. One of the more recent ones is KSDK, channel 5’s move to dismantle their news helicopter. From the rumor mill over on STLMedia.net: As of February 1st KSDK no longer has a news helicopter. The camera has been removed from chopper 5. In a cost cutting move KSDK is negotiating with KMOV for a “shared use” of aerial footage, but has yet to sign an agreement. [Read More]

People Really Don’t Like KSDK’s Cardinal Games

People Really Don’t Like KSDK’s Cardinal Games
It’s true, and we have to agree: The Sunday Cardinal games aired on KSDK (channel 5) are easily the worst out of the four broadcast entities that air Cardinals games. (The other three being, Fox, ESPN and of course Fox Sports Midwest) A quick Twitter scan on the subject quickly returned thoughts like these: I wouldn’t be upset if they moved all their games to cable like the Blues. Other than Randolph’s “confused old guy” routine and Horton’s “washed-up average ex-player” bit, what is not to like? [Read More]

A Mass Exodus is Brewing at KSDK

First Deanne Lane, then Cordell Whitlock, who’s next to leave local NBC affiliate KSDK? Apparently it could be anyone because our source says they are all pretty pissed: ****…morale is way down there because of forced pay cuts everyone had to take last year. That’s why you’ve seen several resignations there in the last year and you’ll likely see a few more. This recent reports matches what much of what me and others have heard for a while now: No one is happy there. [Read More]

Kay Quinn Tweets Through Her Furlough

Now her furlough is over, but for a second there it looked like we were going to be seeing the “[Insert activity here] on my furlough.” for everything she broadcast to Twitter last week. Seems odd to be broadcasting the fact your company sent you home with no pay for a week. Looking for a new job Kay? …also, I know you can find a better photo than that for your Twitter picture! [Read More]