Tammie Holland Couldn’t Think of Anything to Just Say

This KSDK “I’m Just Sayin’” thing is such a trainwreck I can’t help but not mention it just one more time here. Why? Because I finally remembered again that KSDK was doing this and found one I was looking forward the most on their site: Tammie Holland. If you aren’t familiar, this is the spicy little vixen that had this crazy off the cuff conversation igniting statement in channel 5’s promos for the “I’m Just Sayin’” feature: [Read More]

WIL’s Cornbread Flunked 5th Grade Social Studies

KSDK debuted their all new “I’m Just Sayin’” segment where they apparently allow any one that has been on the radio to talk about mindless and poorly thought out things on TV. This idea can’t fail. When asked for a comment on how letting random people blather on about their biased opinions on a news program sounded like a good idea, a KSDK spokesman replied “Look, everyone else has been bending over the ghost of actual journalism and repeatedly fisting it for a while now. [Read More]