WIL’s Cornbread Flunked 5th Grade Social Studies

KSDK debuted their all new “I’m Just Sayin’” segment where they apparently allow any one that has been on the radio to talk about mindless and poorly thought out things on TV.

This idea can’t fail.

When asked for a comment on how letting random people blather on about their biased opinions on a news program sounded like a good idea, a KSDK spokesman replied “Look, everyone else has been bending over the ghost of actual journalism and repeatedly fisting it for a while now.  Its time News Channel 5 gloves up and gets a handful.”

The first of this segment featured 92.3 WIL’s morning show host Cornbread.  So as if the colloquial “Sayin’” in the segment’s title wasn’t enough, its pretty obvious with this booking we clearly aren’t even pretending that this will be a serious thing.  Cornbread decided to take on the United State’s two party governmental system, you know so he could really get something attainable done with his time on TV.

Does anyone out there feel that politicians are working for us anymore?  Doing what would make our lives better?  Because I don’t. They are beholden to that little “(D)” and “(R)” in front of their name and we the people are a distant afterthought.  That’s why there are so many independents out there because people are sick of the parties so let’s scrap it all and have one political party with a big “(P)”.  Your party.  The People’s Party baby!

So next is the part where he says…”But we need a leader!  Some who can run this system but still make time for prank calls and allow for music breaks when our leader needs to pee or eat the food payola that someone brought in this morning. What? Ok, I’ll do it!”

Next up in this list of things a commercial would be better than are: Julie Buck, McGraw Milhaven, Tony Scott, Jamie Allman and of course Tammy Holland who tells girls if they own a cell phone to “keep their clothes on” in the currently running KSDK promo.  Oh no she didn’t! Damn girl you crazy, but you sure are telling it like it is!  What a great unheard of insite!  I’m not sure I can handle her real, in my face, atitude!