Stripper Accused of Being Bad Parent, Replies With Only “I Know. I’m a Stripper”

What is the world coming to when we can’t even trust ladies that take their clothes off and grind their snizz against diseased brass polls and diseased old dude’s faces in the worst city in America for a stack of dollar bills that looks like a lot to them but adds up to $23 dollars if you know math to be a good mother’s to their children?!

A Metro East mother is accused of leaving her 3-year-old daughter to wander a hotel alone while she went to work at a strip club.

Patrice Johnson charged with endangering a child and drug possession. Workers at a Caseyville hotel told police they found the girl wandering the hallways in just a shirt and underpants.

Well there must be an explanation for this…

Police said Johnson claims the father of the child was supposed to be watching the girl.

A ha!  So that the father is the real villan here…but of course no one was actually watching the child since she managed to walk the halls of what I’m assuming is a really nice hotel all by herself with slightly more lower body coverage than Donald Duck.  So either this baby was the product of immaculate conception or stripper mom just pointed to the first guy in the lobby she thought he banged once for a cigarette and said, “Yeah that’s probably him. Make sure he puts your pants on.”

To find the real culprit, the police have asked Maury Povich for assistance in finding the true father/babysitter.

via KMOV