Punching Kitty Featured in Riverfront Times

Hey St. Louis bloggers that didn’t get featured by the Riverfront Times!  At best you are only the 14th best blogger in St. Louis.  That must suck for you.  We are anywhere between the 1st and the 13th (must be on the 1st side of things though because I mean…jesus.  Just look at us. Pure. Sex.)

Punching Kitty is St. Louis’ answer to Gawker, a kindred sprit in snarkiness, with a special affinity for media folly. Mike Flynn, a web developer for Announce Media, comes home from his day job to dish-up thrice-daily dispatches poking fun at local news — and the characters who set the agenda.

You can see the whole post along with the 12 other featured bloggers on the RFT’s site which includes some hot photos of  yours truly (like on the right) that were taken on the streets of Delmar. Our initial plan was to have our photo taken as we laid on our bed with the Macbook Pro and the best…um…”wand massagers” money can buy in lingerie, but someone beat us to it.  Weak.

Please enjoy probably the only time ever you will see anything about us written on a dead tree.