Tammie Holland Couldn’t Think of Anything to Just Say

This KSDK “I’m Just Sayin’” thing is such a trainwreck I can’t help but not mention it just one more time here.  Why?  Because I finally remembered again that KSDK was doing this and found one I was looking forward the most on their site: Tammie Holland.

If you aren’t familiar, this is the spicy little vixen that had this crazy off the cuff conversation igniting statement in channel 5’s promos for the “I’m Just Sayin’” feature:

Ladies here’s a tip. If you own one of these..

[points to her cellphone]

Keep your clothes on.

Oh man.  She did not just go there.  I can’t wait to see the heat she brings in her full feature!

So you get your chance to be featured as the token black person a radio host on channel 5 and you bring the heat with “What’s with all the people selling girl scout cookies at work?”  What didn’t make the cut Tammie? Did you think of other burning topics like “How ’bout this weather huh?” and “Geez.  Look at that guy.  No no, the other one. What’s that about?”

Then she pulls out the ole “Are we being too easy on our kids?” argument saying that schilling for cheese and sausage at work is making little Billy soft.  Yeah, I don’t think a sign up sheet taped to the outside of your cubicle is making Billy a pussy, that’s already been taken care of by the peanut allergy you assumed he had and the 6 ADD drugs you pump in him daily so he’ll just listen in class.

Well, we just don’t know how Tammie Holland does it, day in and day out, bringing up the tough topics. Don’t miss her exciting next KSDK turn where she throws around verbal blows like “Have you ever noticed how different guys are than girls?!  It’s like they’re from another planet!”

Oh man! Can’t wait!  Derp!

via KSDK