K2 is Banned and KMOV Figures Out Capitalism

Its all over the blogs.  That fake weed K2 has been banned in St. Charles apparently because for a second there, a child enjoyed himself in St. Charles and that crap just can’t keep happening.

Besides the fact that the poor emo kids that are too pussy to buy real weed are now really sad and won’t stop watching their Twilight DVD, something else amazing happened! Channel 4, KMOV, learned a little bit about how America works.  Good for them.

K2 ban means less business for St. Charles store owner

Tabbat’s store [the South 94 Bait and Tackle Trading shop] sells fishing tackle and smoking supplies, but business was slow until K2 came along. The owner admits there were days when her sales reached $7,000.

Now Tabbat’s customers are going to St. Louis County to buy K2, which means she will have to make job cuts. “The sad thing is I had hired three people, said Tabbat. “Now, I am going to have to lay them off.”

Oh. So making something illegal makes things tough on people trying to sell it legally huh?  I had no idea. That is so strange. How did all those bars make do during the prohibition?


According to Wikipedia, not well.