You Should Always Carry Weed, It Might Save Your Life

A woman was sitting at a South City bus stop when two men asked her if she had any marijuana. She didn’t. Big mistake. Police say the woman told the two men she did not have any marijuana and they walked away. Ten minutes later, the suspects allegedly came back and tried to rob the victim. During the robbery, police say the woman was shot once in the upper arm. [Read More]

St. Louis Craigslist User Wants You to Help Make Cannabis…Uh…Man I’m Hungry?

…oh yeah…help make cannabis legal! Saturday May 7th! …don’t forget to get some Funyuns…maybe we can do some hooka afterwards since we’ll be in the Loop…oh dude, and then Fitz’s for fried pickles! This is a classic “Oh man, lets try to get weed to be legal” move: Post a vague meeting date on Craigslist, make no mention of what you plan to do or accomplish and make the meeting for the hippiest part of town. [Read More]

Kyle Turley on Weed: “That Would be the One Bob.”

A recent Washington University School of Medicine study discussed the use, or rather misuse, of painkillers by current and former NFL players. The study, commissioned by ESPN’s Outside the Lines, found that 52 percent of former players used prescription pain meds during their active days, and 15 percent of that group admitted to misusing drugs in the last month. “That’s a very large number in a population that, at that age, we wouldn’t expect to see much use of these substances at all,” Compton said. [Read More]

Empty Bag of Weed Drives Imperial Man to Kill

Pro Tip: Always check your bag of weed before giving up the money. It may drive you to shoot a guy. Ryan Harris (right) paid Michael Maybearry (dead) $20 for a bag of weed, got home, found the bag was empty. That made Harris angry, so angry the first thought through his mind, as told to police was: “I gotta kill this guy.” Harris sounds pretty highly strung. He really could have used that weed! [Read More]

Moms Like Me? Over 30% Smoke Weed!

KSDK’s loves them some polls, and for the first time, it’s an interesting one: Do you smoke weed? Ah, of course, the majority don’t…but not quite the majority one might assume. Over 30% are toking it after putting junior on the buss! …well we hope they wait that long. We fear that some may not. Don’t want to point any fingers here, but the mom two driveways down. You know. [Read More]

Missouri Man Gets Arrested for Weed Twice in One Day

A man in Cauthersville, MO, which is located just six miles from Whogivesacrap, is facing charges for marijuana possession after being arrested, for the same crime, twice in one day. The Sikeston Standard Democrat reports that the man was first arrested five minutes after midnight Sunday at the Caruthersville Community Center. Police say they found several baggies of marijuana and several hundred dollars. …and then, the next night, but technically still the same day… [Read More]

St. Charles County’s Last Dance with Mary Jane

St. Charles County voters voted down not one but two medial marijuana proposals even after Cottleville, MO mayor Don Yarber pushed for the bills because of his own wife’s success with medial marijuana. Apparently St. Chuck voters think Mrs Yarber is nothing more than a pothead. At least that’s the clear sentiment from one voter interview after leaving the polls by KSDK: Ladonna Johnson, said she voted “no” on the initiative, saying there are better ways to solve medical problems than with marijuana. [Read More]

K2 is Banned and KMOV Figures Out Capitalism

Its all over the blogs. That fake weed K2 has been banned in St. Charles apparently because for a second there, a child enjoyed himself in St. Charles and that crap just can’t keep happening. Besides the fact that the poor emo kids that are too pussy to buy real weed are now really sad and won’t stop watching their Twilight DVD, something else amazing happened! Channel 4, KMOV, learned a little bit about how America works. [Read More]

Do Not Smoke the Fake Pot! Something is Wrong With the Fake Pot!

The Globe-Democrat has a message for all you little rich kids that have plenty of money but not enough to buy yourself big enough rocks to buy actual pot: A local doctor says young adults who smoke K2 or “fake weed” to achieve a similar high as received from smoking marijuana, may suffer serious reactions instead. K2 is a dried herb legally sold in at least four shops in the St. [Read More]
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Cottleville Mayor Likes the Wacky Tobaccy

Cottleville Mayor Don Yarber has joined the likes of luminaries such as Method Man and Cheech in support of legalizing medical marijuana. Break out those cookies yo! The mayor of Cottleville, a small Missouri town of about 3,000 people, is hoping the Missouri legislature passes a medical marijuana law, allowing those with prescriptions to buy the drug. Yarber, 70, is promoting the concept among lawmakers, a big step for a small town mayor where many constituents are thought to be conservative. [Read More]