Empty Bag of Weed Drives Imperial Man to Kill

Pro Tip: Always check your bag of weed before giving up the money. It may drive you to shoot a guy.

Ryan Harris (right) paid Michael Maybearry (dead) $20 for a bag of weed, got home, found the bag was empty. That made Harris angry, so angry the first thought through his mind, as told to police was: “I gotta kill this guy.” Harris sounds pretty highly strung. He really could have used that weed!

Harris allegedly fired two rounds through the back of Maybearry’s rear window as Maybearry drove away, and Harris drove after him. Once on southbound Old Highway 21, Harris pulled beside Maybearry and fired six rounds into the driver’s side as the cars were moving, court documents say.

Maybearry crashed into a ditch and hit a tree. Harris went to the car and found Maybearry inside groaning. Harris told investigators that he demanded his money back, but Maybearry said he couldn’t move.

“Dammit it dude! Give me my $20 dollars back!”

“Well ok. You just shot me and drove me off the road in to a ditch, so I’m having some trouble reaching my back pocket right now. Things hard enough to reach in your car even when you haven’t been shot and been in a wreck you know?  Stupid jeans pockets. Am I right?! …anyway, I’m bleeding pretty bad here and it was just $20 bucks, so if you could just give me a hand…”

Harris said Maybearry aggressively grabbed his wrist when he reached into the car and Harris fired three more rounds into him.

Real nice.

Harris said Maybearry’s hand released in a “weird” manner and Harris knew he was dead, court documents say.

“Weird” like as though he was just shot in the chest three times? That kind of weird? You don’t have many pets do you Ryan?

via STLToday