Really Happy Fat Guy Busted For Marijuana Possession

Richard Nolan was arrested by the Illinois State Police after they stopped the 66 year old for “improper lane usage” and found eight duffel bags filled with marijuana. All told, Nolan has 118 pounds of the wacky tobacky in the car while driving on I-55/I-70. Nolan’s picture (right) illustrating his jubliant demeanor means that it was either taken just before they told him that he won’t be taking his luggage full of weed with him, just after he helped himself to that special brownie in his pocket, the mugshot guy has really mastered the “look at the stuffed animal to make people smile” technique, or it’s just true that fat old people really are just jolly all the time. [Read More]

Empty Bag of Weed Drives Imperial Man to Kill

Pro Tip: Always check your bag of weed before giving up the money. It may drive you to shoot a guy. Ryan Harris (right) paid Michael Maybearry (dead) $20 for a bag of weed, got home, found the bag was empty. That made Harris angry, so angry the first thought through his mind, as told to police was: “I gotta kill this guy.” Harris sounds pretty highly strung. He really could have used that weed! [Read More]

Moms Like Me? Over 30% Smoke Weed!

KSDK’s loves them some polls, and for the first time, it’s an interesting one: Do you smoke weed? Ah, of course, the majority don’t…but not quite the majority one might assume. Over 30% are toking it after putting junior on the buss! …well we hope they wait that long. We fear that some may not. Don’t want to point any fingers here, but the mom two driveways down. You know. [Read More]

Missouri Man Gets Arrested for Weed Twice in One Day

A man in Cauthersville, MO, which is located just six miles from Whogivesacrap, is facing charges for marijuana possession after being arrested, for the same crime, twice in one day. The Sikeston Standard Democrat reports that the man was first arrested five minutes after midnight Sunday at the Caruthersville Community Center. Police say they found several baggies of marijuana and several hundred dollars. …and then, the next night, but technically still the same day… [Read More]

St. Charles County’s Last Dance with Mary Jane

St. Charles County voters voted down not one but two medial marijuana proposals even after Cottleville, MO mayor Don Yarber pushed for the bills because of his own wife’s success with medial marijuana. Apparently St. Chuck voters think Mrs Yarber is nothing more than a pothead. At least that’s the clear sentiment from one voter interview after leaving the polls by KSDK: Ladonna Johnson, said she voted “no” on the initiative, saying there are better ways to solve medical problems than with marijuana. [Read More]