Missouri Man Gets Arrested for Weed Twice in One Day

A man in Cauthersville, MO, which is located just six miles from Whogivesacrap, is facing charges for marijuana possession after being arrested, for the same crime, twice in one day.

The Sikeston Standard Democrat reports that the man was first arrested five minutes after midnight Sunday at the Caruthersville Community Center. Police say they found several baggies of marijuana and several hundred dollars.

…and then, the next night, but technically still the same day…

At 11:10 p.m., the same man was stopped for improper vehicle registration. Police say a search of his vehicle found several baggies of marijuana.

“Aw man. I totally spaced. I could have sworn this just happened last night.”

A rough 24 hours for the still unnamed man for sure, and though there is little doubt that getting busted for the same crime less than a day later is stupid, it isn’t as stupid as saying “You know what won’t give me diarrhea? Subway. Maybe I’ll go there for lunch.” Wrong choice buddy. That Subway melt, that looks good on the weird commercials with the kid-voiced adults, won’t look as good a few hours later with the only bonus being you’ll really start to understand how Jared got so thin eating those subs. That man must have a golden butthole.

via KMOV