WTF: Shirtless Smoking of a St Louis Rey Cigar

This has little to do with anything other than it popped up on one of our random internet searches tonight for “St. Louis”: It’s a dude, shirtless, smoking some cigar with the name of St. Louis, on his couch. Five minutes long. Not a word.

Oh and he’s made nearly 2,000 more videos, just like this one!

We have no freaking clue what the point of any of this (pretty sure its probably a “sexy to someone” kinda deal)…but we felt like it was worth sharing.

(Video after the jump which we aren’t guessing you’re going to click through to see it, so we also include a photo of Natalie Portman making out with Jessica Alba while Darth Maul and the Easter Bunny have a lightsaber battle in the background.)

…and here you go: