Alleged Comic Book Guy Rapist Found Dead

So remember the guy from a month ago that managed a multi-hour stand-off with the police as he hid in his comic book store until he finally surrendered…

It took St. Louis police 3 and a half hours to peaceably coax suspected rapist and comic book shop owner, Kenneth McClure, to put down his weapon and come out of his south Hampton store, Legends Comics & Sports Cards.

So anyway, he’s dead now.

A man found dead in St. Louis County Tuesday was charged earlier this year in a statutory rape case and had been arrested after a standoff with police in October, a relative said.

The man’s nephew identified the shooting victim found by St. Louis County police at Route 66 State Park as Kenneth McClure, 57, of St. Louis. His body was found a few hours after he missed an apperance [sic] in the court case against him.

Running late to the court case and claiming car trouble, McClure was apparently shot just after contacting his lawyer.

“This is the first time I was waiting for a client and I found out he was murdered while I was waiting,” said [McClure’s attorney, Jim Pree].

OMG no way! This is the first time we’ve ever read about how a lawyer was waiting for a client and later found out he was killed while he was waiting. Weeeeeiiiiiiirrrrrrd!

via STLToday