St. Louis Thieves and Michael Strahan Love Subway

A south St. Louis Subway (Which one? It doesn’t matter. It’s like saying “A St. Charles County Quiktrip.” the statement is so broad its meaningless.) was robbed for a second time over the span of five days: Once on Janurary 7th and then again this morning at 2:30am. The only benefit we can think of for robbing a Subway would be not having to worry about carrying away too much cash, or any bills over $5, and the fact that you could stuff your pockets with their over-priced avocado on the way out the door. [Read More]

Missouri Man Gets Arrested for Weed Twice in One Day

A man in Cauthersville, MO, which is located just six miles from Whogivesacrap, is facing charges for marijuana possession after being arrested, for the same crime, twice in one day. The Sikeston Standard Democrat reports that the man was first arrested five minutes after midnight Sunday at the Caruthersville Community Center. Police say they found several baggies of marijuana and several hundred dollars. …and then, the next night, but technically still the same day… [Read More]