St. Charles County’s Last Dance with Mary Jane

St. Charles County voters voted down not one but two medial marijuana proposals even after Cottleville, MO mayor Don Yarber pushed for the bills because of his own wife’s success with medial marijuana.

Apparently St. Chuck voters think Mrs Yarber is nothing more than a pothead. At least that’s the clear sentiment from one voter interview after leaving the polls by KSDK:

Ladonna Johnson, said she voted “no” on the initiative, saying there are better ways to solve medical problems than with marijuana.

Congratulations Ms Johnson! You somehow managed to throw out a quote that was surprisingly stupid even for someone named “Ladonna”.

“There are better ways to solve medical problems than with marijuana.”

First, unless we are mistaken, you aren’t Dr. Ladonna Johnson, so how the hell do you know if its not the best solution to some medical condition?  Secondly, what are your “better ways”? …let us guess: Other drugs. Would you feel safer if it was a marijuana pill? We don’t want to trip you out Ladumbass, but there are illegal drugs in pill form too.

We don’t mind disagreement, but the least  you could do is come up with an argument that has more to it than “Because.”

Rodney Wells took the measure to heart Tuesday. The St. Charles County man says he uses the drug to counteract the effects of epilepsy and adds that it works for him.

Early Tuesday, Wells showed up on a corner near the Cottleville City Hall with a sign supporting the marijuana bills. He says some people honked and waved in support, and others showed their lack of support in other ways.

We’d say there’s no reason to be rude, but this is St. Charles County we are talking about. The home of “Christian” values, sweater vests and happiness for all…unless you are gay, mexican or hold any opinion other than the norm. Is that a generalization? Of course. But you gotta admit its damn close to spot on.

In the meantime, these measures, like all marijuana measures failed. It turns out all of those that are for legal marijuana in any form tend to be more prone to having important tasks like voting slip their mind.

At least there’s still K2. Oh wait. I guess those of you that need your weed will just have to go buy it from your usual source…Ladonna Johnson’s kid.

via KSDK