It’s Time You Got To Know Sam Bradford

It’s happening. All the signs are there. After the Rams signed only AJ Feeley, and the Redskins trading for McNabb, and yesterday’s news that Marc Bulger has been released, its clear the Rams are going to draft Sam Bradford in a few weeks with the #1 pick in the NFL draft.

Here are a few things to get you started in getting to know St. Louis’ soon-to-be poster child of rich athletes.

For one, he’s not much for Facebook. This appears to be his fan page, but after a few football promo pics, there isn’t much here. He makes up for his lack of posting with an acute ability to make friends though as he is up to nearly 30,000!

Does Bradford have a girlfriend? We aren’t sure, but we did find out his last known girlfriend was apparently one Kelsey Kurtz (here’s her private Facebook page). She’s cute. Bring her to St. Louis Sammy!

We also know Sam Bradford likes Coldplay as we dug up a story on a Sooner message board of someone running in to him at a Coldplay concert. Not sure how we feel about that.

To wrap up our intro to Sam Bradford, we have a video of an interview by the University of Oklahoma TV station (we use the term loosely):