Thieves Rip off Weather Man’s Car Outside of KSDK Office

KSDK weather man Anthony Slaughter was one of nine speedy car breakins early Sunday morning which happened right outside of the KSDK offices in downtown St. Louis.

Mike Owens reporting for KSDK

The suspects pulled up in a white Pontiac a few minutes after 3:00 a.m. In less than 2 minutes, they had broken into two cars and were on their way. One of the cars, an older model Chevrolet, is owned by NewsChannel 5 weathercaster Anthony Slaughter.

Slaughter didn’t realize his car had been broken into until he left later that afternoon. He came back inside to look at the security camera video and found the crooks from three different angles. Unfortunately, none of the angles showed clear images of the crooks or their license plate.

First you have a job as a weather man that makes you work early Easter Sunday morning and then you get to watch security footage of your car getting jacked.  Sounds like someone’s living the dream!  We’re betting that when Owens got this story he was like “Who?! I thought that guy was an intern!” Well, the good news is, people are finally hearing your name Tony! The bad news is, I talked to the cops and they said you shouldn’t hold out hope for the Creedence dude.

Speaking of which, Anthony Slaughter is so close to being a sweet name. Go by Tony. Tony Slaughter. That’s badass. Sounds like the name of a smooth detective…that hangs around with an old guy, his helicopter flying buddy and tons of hot chicks that are attracted to his full mustache. Wait…I think that is already something. Oh yeah!