That’s Probably Not Fog Around the Weather Man’s House

This is going to be a shocker to a lot of you, but despite our chiseled good looks, amazing arms and a “turn and look, with hair flip” move so perfect it acts like a magnifying glass that focuses our hot rays of sexy in to a beam that instantly ignites the panties of whatever super-model we’ve decided to split open with our ” little lightsaber” to keep warm in that day, we didn’t always run with the “in crowd” back in high school. [Read More]

Thieves Rip off Weather Man’s Car Outside of KSDK Office

KSDK weather man Anthony Slaughter was one of nine speedy car breakins early Sunday morning which happened right outside of the KSDK offices in downtown St. Louis. Mike Owens reporting for KSDK– The suspects pulled up in a white Pontiac a few minutes after 3:00 a.m. In less than 2 minutes, they had broken into two cars and were on their way. One of the cars, an older model Chevrolet, is owned by NewsChannel 5 weathercaster Anthony Slaughter. [Read More]