That’s Probably Not Fog Around the Weather Man’s House

This is going to be a shocker to a lot of you, but despite our chiseled good looks, amazing arms and a “turn and look, with hair flip” move so perfect it acts like a magnifying glass that focuses our hot rays of sexy in to a beam that instantly ignites the panties of whatever super-model we’ve decided to split open with our ” little lightsaber” to keep warm in that day, we didn’t always run with the “in crowd” back in high school. Because of that, we may not know all the cool guy, hip lingo getting thrown around these days on things like “The Twitter”, but…um…these dudes are talking about weed right?

Does KSDK weatherman Anthony Slaughter actually have a friend named Mary that “smells too good”? Maybe he does, who are we to say? …oh don’t forget the Funyuns guys…Mary can give you a hell of a craving for those things after hanging out for a while.

via Our eagle-eyed tipster and Twitter