Bryan Lang Had A Lot of Meth Labs In His Place

At what point are a bunch of meth labs so close together that they become one really super big meth lab? No one knows, especially the Warrenton Police Department because they’re saying they found a whopping 30 different meth labs in his Warren County home.

The cops stumbled upon Bryan Lang’s little meth-apoloza when going to search his house after a warrant had been issued in connection to an ongoing burglary investigation.

Authorities charged 26-year-old Bryan Lang with one count of manufacturing a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance. He remains jailed on $30,000 bond.

…which is a steal if you think of it only as $1,000 per lab!

Clearly a huge selling point for any future meth franchisee is the ease and small amount of capital is takes to get a small business or 30 up and running. It’s simple really: Steal some stuff for seed money, and then just start mixing random crap together until it’s so horrible that your brain takes you away to lala land until its out of your system. Sure you’ve have unsavory characters hanging around and you may even end up dead from the constant use of your own product or catching a shot from the seemingly ever-present gunfire, but people need those cravings squashed and business is good.

Starting a meth lab is truly the drug equivalent of opening a Rally’s!

via KSDK