Warrenton Banks Are So Easy to Rob You Can Do It Drunk!

A drunk woman walked in to a Warrenton, Missouri bank Monday and handed the teller a note with a short story about something that happened in Pennsylvania and instructions to give her some money. It worked, and then she drove away causing “several” accidents as she drove away. Either this is the craziest bank robbery story so far this year, or Tyler Perry is really trying to make his next TBS movie super authentic. [Read More]

Warrenton Peeping Tom Arrested

Warrenton’s Peeping Tom has been been brought to justice after several complains over the span of years, 25 year-old Jaybirth Harris was caught peeping on a hidden surveillance camera. 25-year-old Jaybirth Harris of Marthasville is jailed on charges of 1st & 2nd degree burglary, stealing and invasion of privacy. He reportedly entered some homes, while others he just looked through the windows. This is one sick dude, but how sick? Well beyond the security camera footage, they also have the following evidence: [Read More]

Bryan Lang Had A Lot of Meth Labs In His Place

At what point are a bunch of meth labs so close together that they become one really super big meth lab? No one knows, especially the Warrenton Police Department because they’re saying they found a whopping 30 different meth labs in his Warren County home. The cops stumbled upon Bryan Lang’s little meth-apoloza when going to search his house after a warrant had been issued in connection to an ongoing burglary investigation. [Read More]