Warrenton Banks Are So Easy to Rob You Can Do It Drunk!

A drunk woman walked in to a Warrenton, Missouri bank Monday and handed the teller a note with a short story about something that happened in Pennsylvania and instructions to give her some money. It worked, and then she drove away causing “several” accidents as she drove away.

Either this is the craziest bank robbery story so far this year, or Tyler Perry is really trying to make his next TBS movie super authentic.

Less than an hour later the suspect was tracked to a motel in Kingdom City, about 45 minutes west of Warrenton on I-70.

The arresting officer noted that the woman was intoxicated as she was taken into custody

Any idea about the whole “Pennsylvania” thing was about?

[A] records check showed that the same woman was wanted for a previous bank robbery in Pennsylvania.

Ta da!

Sure she got caught in the end, but doesn’t seem just a little too easy to rob a bank these days? What happened to the security guards or locks on stuff…or just not giving away cash to anyone with a note? It’s sounding so easy, we’re starting to worry we might do it on accident with a forcibly received check memo. The fact is, if you can get the job done drunk with little more than a poorly scribbled note, then it appears robbing a bank has become easier than getting laid and we were using the right skill on the wrong goal in college and couple of bank robberies can buy a lot of Walmart lotion.

via KMOX