Warrenton Banks Are So Easy to Rob You Can Do It Drunk!

A drunk woman walked in to a Warrenton, Missouri bank Monday and handed the teller a note with a short story about something that happened in Pennsylvania and instructions to give her some money. It worked, and then she drove away causing “several” accidents as she drove away. Either this is the craziest bank robbery story so far this year, or Tyler Perry is really trying to make his next TBS movie super authentic. [Read More]

Authorities Catch ‘Same Coat Bandit’ Despite The Fact That He Was Wearing a Different Coat

Authorities have somehow managed to capture last week’s famed “Same Coat Bandit”, so named because he wore the same coat a couple of times and apparently the Feds are big sticklers to the fashion trends of this season’s thieves and decided to publicly berate the guy. Nicholas J. Hummel, 29, of the 5700 block of Loran Avenue, was charged with two counts of second-degree robbery. Authorities also suspect Hummel in three other bank recent bank robberies in the St. [Read More]

We Have Officially Run Out of Clever Bank Robber Names

[Editor’s Note: For context, this was part of our impromptu “Animated GIF Week“] Pair the bad economy with our population’s natural love of guns and playing dress up and it seems like everyone’s robbing banks these days. As such, the local media has latched on to this trend hard. Like a snow storm during a morning commute hard. Much like weather events, every bank robbery has be punched up a notch and have a catchy name, and as such you can’t seem to “take a penny” these days without seeing a grainy security camera still with a clever nickname overlay plastered all over the evening news. [Read More]