Six Flags Busts Peeping Tom on Water Park Staff

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched…while you change your clothes in a public place with drains in the floor and only a shower curtain and wobbly door between you, the Monsoon Marge gift shop and thousands of fat people pretending to be on a concrete beach in the middle of Missouri? Well, you probably are. In the future we’d suggest completely avoiding any naked time at any point of your trip to Six Flags. [Read More]

Warrenton Peeping Tom Arrested

Warrenton’s Peeping Tom has been been brought to justice after several complains over the span of years, 25 year-old Jaybirth Harris was caught peeping on a hidden surveillance camera. 25-year-old Jaybirth Harris of Marthasville is jailed on charges of 1st & 2nd degree burglary, stealing and invasion of privacy. He reportedly entered some homes, while others he just looked through the windows. This is one sick dude, but how sick? [Read More]

KMOV Refuses to Say The South City Peeping Tom Was Masturbating

There’s a “Peeping Tom” terrorizing South City neighborhoods creeping outside people’s windows and hanging out in alleys furiously jacking it. Even worse, he’s dying for that eye-contact. The man has been spotted several times in the 7600 block of Virginia Street performing a solo sex act. Residents say the man would stand outside people’s windows performing a sex act on himself, and those residents say has been happening for weeks. [Read More]