Six Flags Busts Peeping Tom on Water Park Staff

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched…while you change your clothes in a public place with drains in the floor and only a shower curtain and wobbly door between you, the Monsoon Marge gift shop and thousands of fat people pretending to be on a concrete beach in the middle of Missouri? Well, you probably are. In the future we’d suggest completely avoiding any naked time at any point of your trip to Six Flags. [Read More]

Warrenton Peeping Tom Arrested

Warrenton’s Peeping Tom has been been brought to justice after several complains over the span of years, 25 year-old Jaybirth Harris was caught peeping on a hidden surveillance camera. 25-year-old Jaybirth Harris of Marthasville is jailed on charges of 1st & 2nd degree burglary, stealing and invasion of privacy. He reportedly entered some homes, while others he just looked through the windows. This is one sick dude, but how sick? Well beyond the security camera footage, they also have the following evidence: [Read More]

KMOV Refuses to Say The South City Peeping Tom Was Masturbating

There’s a “Peeping Tom” terrorizing South City neighborhoods creeping outside people’s windows and hanging out in alleys furiously jacking it. Even worse, he’s dying for that eye-contact. The man has been spotted several times in the 7600 block of Virginia Street performing a solo sex act. Residents say the man would stand outside people’s windows performing a sex act on himself, and those residents say has been happening for weeks. [Read More]