Six Flags Busts Peeping Tom on Water Park Staff

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched…while you change your clothes in a public place with drains in the floor and only a shower curtain and wobbly door between you, the Monsoon Marge gift shop and thousands of fat people pretending to be on a concrete beach in the middle of Missouri? Well, you probably are. In the future we’d suggest completely avoiding any naked time at any point of your trip to Six Flags. [Read More]

Some Kid Got Hit in the Face With an Arrow

[Update: Sadly, the kid died and they were hunting deer at the time.] A 15-year old boy was hit in the face with an arrow just south of Eureka Thursday afternoon. In the face! The “shooter”…er…archer…is believed to be a 20-year-old neighbor and has been taken in to custody following the incident. The grandparents of our crossed-eyed Robin Hood are claiming it was an accident, but what are they going to say? [Read More]

Skanky Eureka Hotel Gets Sued by Six Flags

When it rains it pours. It wasn’t long ago that the Eureka Days Inn was rated the second worst hotel in the country, and now they are getting sued by Six Flags. The amusement park said the hotel uses deceptive advertising to promote itself as having an association with Six Flags. Six Flags is seeking both injunctive and monetary relief. “Six Flags has never authorized the use of the Six Flags mark and the facility has no association, sponsorship, affiliation or any other connection with Six Flags,” the theme park said in a statement. [Read More]

The Eureka Days Inn is Really Really Really Dirty

If you are from Eureka, consider yourself lucky, the chances of you needing to stay in your local Days Inn is pretty slim. Feel bad though for the family that comes in to town to visit Six Flags and say “Hey, a Days Inn, those are usually pretty nice.” Not this one. The Eureka Day’s Inn isn’t just bad though, its been voted the second dirtiest hotel in the country! The second worst in the country! [Read More]