Skanky Eureka Hotel Gets Sued by Six Flags

When it rains it pours.  It wasn’t long ago that the Eureka Days Inn was rated the second worst hotel in the country, and now they are getting sued by Six Flags.

The amusement park said the hotel uses deceptive advertising to promote itself as having an association with Six Flags. Six Flags is seeking both injunctive and monetary relief.

“Six Flags has never authorized the use of the Six Flags mark and the facility has no association, sponsorship, affiliation or any other connection with Six Flags,” the theme park said in a statement.

Damn, how did they even find out about this little crappy hotel?

“The story [about that Days Inn new dubious ranking] brought to our attention the unapproved and illegal use of our name by this hotel,” said Elizabeth Gotway, a spokeswoman for Six Flags. “We gave the hotel an opportunity to remove the name but it didn’t do so in a timely manner.”

So I guess all press isn’t good press after all.

In a related story I’ve recently found out that not all fat girls actually need lovin’ too.  Some of them get real upset when you motor-boat them while waiting for the self checkout lane in Schnucks.

via St. Louis Business Journal