Six Flags Busts Peeping Tom on Water Park Staff

Six Flags Busts Peeping Tom on Water Park Staff

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched…while you change your clothes in a public place with drains in the floor and only a shower curtain and wobbly door between you, the Monsoon Marge gift shop and thousands of fat people pretending to be on a concrete beach in the middle of Missouri?

Well, you probably are. In the future we’d suggest completely avoiding any naked time at any point of your trip to Six Flags.

A Six Flags St. Louis worker is facing charges for allegedly spying on two 13-year-old girls as they were changing in a dressing room in the theme park’s water park, police say.

Eureka police said they arrested the 19-year-old Pacific man Wednesday afternoon at the theme park. Police said a mother of one of the teen girls reported seeing the man watching the girls through a gap in a wall and door frame near the Monsoon Marge’s gift shop inside Six Flags’ Hurricane Harbor.

Who would have guessed that in a small entertainment village staffed with horny 16-year-olds, and adults that have chosen to work with horny 16-year-olds, something sleazy could possibly happen?! Now you’re probably going to tell us that the carney at that state fair lied about needing to cup our balls in his trailer to more effectively guess our weight?! Because it worked! He nailed it within 3 lbs! Still not sure why he gave us the giant stuffed teddy bear anyway though, or why we can’t stop crying when we see it…

Elizabeth Gotway, a spokeswoman for Six Flags, emailed a statement saying the worker has been suspended pending the results of the police investigation. The statement said Six Flags is investigating “an employee’s misconduct while on duty” and that the company has “zero tolerance for any inappropriate behavior.”

All those superheroes around Six Flags and none of them stopped this? You think if you sold enough superhero capes, at least one of those schulbs would get inspired to actually do something with it other than wipe nacho cheese off his shirt.

via STLToday