Lady Flings Cat Litter at Some Guy, Gets Arrested for Battery

Getting sand thrown at you is worthy of an ass kicking, but getting “kitty sand” full of dried turds thrown at you is, well, significantly worse. The Belleville News-Democrat reports that 46-year-old Sherri Caine of Belleville is charged with battery. Authorities say Cain threw a cat litter box full of used litter at the 35-year-old victim Tuesday in Ever and Anon Park. The victim agreed to press charges, and Cain was arrested. [Read More]

The Eureka Days Inn is Really Really Really Dirty

If you are from Eureka, consider yourself lucky, the chances of you needing to stay in your local Days Inn is pretty slim. Feel bad though for the family that comes in to town to visit Six Flags and say “Hey, a Days Inn, those are usually pretty nice.” Not this one. The Eureka Day’s Inn isn’t just bad though, its been voted the second dirtiest hotel in the country! The second worst in the country! [Read More]