Lady Flings Cat Litter at Some Guy, Gets Arrested for Battery

Getting sand thrown at you is worthy of an ass kicking, but getting “kitty sand” full of dried turds thrown at you is, well, significantly worse. The Belleville News-Democrat reports that 46-year-old Sherri Caine of Belleville is charged with battery. Authorities say Cain threw a cat litter box full of used litter at the 35-year-old victim Tuesday in Ever and Anon Park. The victim agreed to press charges, and Cain was arrested. [Read More]

Those Flyer People in the Loop Can Go Straight to Hell

“Crap. They’re back.” “Who?” “Come see.” The two of them stand up and look in to the window facing the parking lot, each of them looking through their reflections, focusing on their respective cars. “They didn’t get mine yet.” “Well the bastards got mine double and their heading your direction.” “Maybe they’ll miss it.” The crowd at the window has now grown to 6. “Can someone set off their alarm? That would freak them out. [Read More]