Lady Flings Cat Litter at Some Guy, Gets Arrested for Battery

Getting sand thrown at you is worthy of an ass kicking, but getting “kitty sand” full of dried turds thrown at you is, well, significantly worse. The Belleville News-Democrat reports that 46-year-old Sherri Caine of Belleville is charged with battery. Authorities say Cain threw a cat litter box full of used litter at the 35-year-old victim Tuesday in Ever and Anon Park. The victim agreed to press charges, and Cain was arrested. [Read More]

Elsewhere: Guy Plans to Eat His Disobedient Cat

[Editor’s Note: This news item took place in Buffalo, but its too weird and too namesake-related to pass up.] It’s always the “routine traffic stop” that manages to catch the sickos and one of those little moving violation miracles happened again in Buffalo, NY recently when the meows of a cat from a guy’s truck alerted the authorities to the fact that this guy was planning on eating his cat. [Read More]

Tony LaRussa is Going to Be on Whatever the Hell “Housecat Housecall” is

Tony LaRussa doesn’t like to lose. We’ve heard good friends will be in town to have a meal with the man, and if the Cardinals loose that night, he won’t go. That’s mean, but that’s Tony. He can be a hard-nosed competitive, and frankly, mean guy some times. Hell look at him go at STLToday sports writer Bernie Miklasz. …and then he’ll go do something like this: …and we love every second of these moments. [Read More]