Cat Sings to Collective Soul

Cats and 90’s alternative rock music have finally converged. Nothing else will ever be better than this…unless you’re Collective Soul who is now no doubt going through their back catalog and realizing that many of their songs could easily include a meow to make them substantially more interesting. Off the top of our heads, in addition to the below Shine: Gel, December, Heavy, Breathe, and Goodnight, Good Guy could all easily incorporate this cat. [Read More]

Taking a Day Off

Sorry guys, taking a little unwanted vacation from posting today.

Should be back to full speed tomorrow.

Please enjoy this cute photo of a kitten as our apology:

Elsewhere: Guy Plans to Eat His Disobedient Cat

[Editor’s Note: This news item took place in Buffalo, but its too weird and too namesake-related to pass up.] It’s always the “routine traffic stop” that manages to catch the sickos and one of those little moving violation miracles happened again in Buffalo, NY recently when the meows of a cat from a guy’s truck alerted the authorities to the fact that this guy was planning on eating his cat. [Read More]

Take a Look at Jenna Fischer’s Kitty!

Take a Look at Jenna Fischer’s Kitty!
Every once in a while we like to swing by St. Louis native and Office star Jenna Fischer’s blog to see what’s going on with her and if she’s finally decided to film that script with the topless scene we keep sending her. She still hasn’t filmed that script, or acknowledged the fact that I keep sending her chunks of my hair for that matter, but we did get to see her kitty! [Read More]