Elsewhere: Guy Plans to Eat His Disobedient Cat

[Editor’s Note: This news item took place in Buffalo, but its too weird and too namesake-related to pass up.]

It’s always the “routine traffic stop” that manages to catch the sickos and one of those little moving violation miracles happened again in Buffalo, NY recently when the meows of a cat from a guy’s truck alerted the authorities to the fact that this guy was planning on eating his cat.

When Ferry-Fillmore District officers pulled over a car driven by Gary L. Korkuc on Sunday night during a traffic stop, they said they heard a cat crying from inside the trunk and investigated.

The cat, according to police, was in a cage “marinating” in a mixture of crushed red peppers, chili pepper, salt and oil.

The marinade was a nice play. Probably trying to solve the age-old problem about guys never liking to eat pussy kitty. A marinade! Of course!

[Korkuc] told police the cat had been “mean” to him, authorities said.

Korkuc also claimed that the cat, named Navarro, was “possessive, greedy and wasteful” and was upset because Navarro managed to get pregnant despite the fact that Navarro had been spayed…and was a male.

Fair enough on the last point. We also forbid animals from flaunting the rules of nature in our headquarters.

Navarro is now doing fine and will more than likely be put back up for adoption…probably to a lady with 46 other cats and it will spend it’s time sitting around thinking if being eaten by Korkuc, who ended up with one charge of cruelty to animals and a ticket for running a stop sign, would have been better.

via BuffaloNews.com