Family Week Looks Like the Worst Place to Take a Kid Ever

Family Week is almost here! August 7th – 14th, get those kids out of the house and…um…do…well…hmm. Frankly this looks pretty depressing.

We don’t have much of a clue what the hell the point of this is, but from the looks of it, there’s no way we would recommend you take a kid anywhere near this. Sure you got the Arch there, and the dates, and then the meta information about the dates showing the names of the days included…just in case you don’t have access to a calendar and are so dumb you can’t figure out the order of the days of the week, but the top of the flyer really tells the bulk of the story with some of the most bizarre pairing of photos and stock photos:

1. People mourning (photo)

  1. Dirty white guy getting arrested (stock photo)

  2. Boyz in da hood (photo)

  3. …no idea. (photo)

  4. Guy about to snap and kill a bunch of people at Family Week. (stock)

  5. Unhappy white couple. (stock)

…St. Louis Family Week!  Seriously, what the hell is going on here?!

Oh and this was also apparently important enough to make the flyer:

“Headlights on during the day”

WTF?! Does any of this make sense to anyone out there?! How was this worthy of putting on the windshield of the Punching Kitty mobile?! …at least try to get my attention with some douche-bag DJ I’ve heard of coming to some douche-bag club I’ve also never heard of. This shit just makes our head hurt.