Cubs Rants For the Weekend Series

Sure we ripped on him for much of the week, but Brandon Phillips did somehow manage to stumble his way in to a good thing by stirring up some crazy stuff with his now famous Cardinals rant (Checkout our full coverage here!). That being said, losing your mind in front of a microphone about another baseball club is hardly original though. Its happened more than a few times and a couple of the best where about the one club that’s pretty much a walking target for ripping on…

The Cubs.

Here are two famous rants about the Cubs to take you in to the weekend series with the Cardianls:

#1: Marty Brennaman: “There are balls coming from all over the place!

The Reds can’t help themselves! Marty Brennaman, the Reds radio broadcaster, takes the fans and the team itself to task after witnessing balls being thrown on to the field en mass at a game.

Best Line: “Far and away, the most obnoxious fans in baseball, in this league, are the ones who follow this team right here.”

#2: Lee Elia: “”85% of the world is working, the other 15% come out here!”

The best Cubs rant comes from none other than their very own manager at the time, Lee Elia. Elia was fed up with the way the Cub faithful were treating his team after an April 29th, 1983 loss to the Dodgers. He decided to use naughty language. A lot.

Best Line: “If they are the real Chicago Cubs fans, they can kiss my f*cking ass right downtown!”

Go Cardinals!