Off This Week

If you haven’t noticed that we aren’t posting much this week, then I’m not sure how you found this but we’ll tell you anyway: We’re kinda off this week. We’re a tad busy with other things and we haven’t taken a vacation for some time, so this is it…or at least some of it. We technically posted something Monday, so it’s not like we were off the whole week…and we could still post something Thursday or Friday so the possibilities are endless (or two, the possibilities are two). [Read More]

We’re Back!

It’s been a hectic two-week vacation, but we are back at the keyboard, tickling your lookin’ balls with the kind of finger magic and slightly dirty words that are usually only reserved for the most classy of summer hookups where you think she might be a little freak, but you don’t want to scare her off, so you just like kinda slap her ass a little…just hard enough where she can get into it, but soft enough so that if she gets all weird about it, you can just laugh and say “No! [Read More]

Impromptu Vacation

Sorry everyone! We’ve traveling the last few days, but we thought we would have Internet access throughout…but that didn’t end up being the case, so we’re on vacation now we guess. There are definitely things we wanted to weigh in on, so we may try to get something written or worst case, just be late to the party when we get back to St. Louis. We’ll be back at it in a few days, and you would not believe how long it took us to write this on our phone with a shoddy cell connection. [Read More]

Taking a Day Off

Sorry guys, taking a little unwanted vacation from posting today.

Should be back to full speed tomorrow.

Please enjoy this cute photo of a kitten as our apology:

On Vacation

Punching Kitty will be on a little vacation for the rest of the week. Just the rest of the week…not like our last “vacation“. Don’t worry though, though we won’t be doing our full posting schedule, we do have a few things queued up for our sexy readers while we are on our break. To staisfy your insane obsession with us we’ll tell you what we are doing on our vacation: We’re going to Paraguay to find this chick pictured below. [Read More]

Taking a Thanksgiving Break

For the next week postings here will be spotty at best as we are off for a little Thanksgiving vacation. The goal is to post a few times up here throughout the week, but that has a little to do with my drive to write over my vacation and more to do with the availability of the internet. Unlike our last “break” I promise to return after the Thanksgiving weekend. [Read More]

Blind Item: Stupid Like a…

Which local TV station is had this exchange their employees recently:

Station: You get a free 2 week vacation!

Employees: Woohoo!

Station: We aren’t going to pay you though.

Employees: D’oh.