Blind Item: Slam-a-Lam My Ding-Dong

We are hearing rumors that one locally rooted sports voice might soon be outted on a national level on how his extramarital affair destroyed what was left of his marriage. Not only that, but lets just say, this time someone off the field is publicly “switching teams”…and we don’t mean jerseys.

Guesses? Thoughts? …Our lips are sealed.

Blind Item: Old Man and the Sea…of Urine…in a Parking Lot

Which old-timer St. Louis sports announcer was spotted deciding it was quicker to just whip it out and pee in the parking lot, in broad daylight, instead of heading inside for a real bathroom? In other news, the above mentioned’s employer is more pissed off than pissed on about the the performance the deal they signed that included the old parking lot pisser, trying desperately to dump the broadcast contract. [Read More]

Blind Item: A Comeback and a Dust-off?

What former high-flying star of St. Louis wants a local comeback as bad as he wanted out of a small local media ownership group? We hear that he recently made the choice to do what he has never been known to do, drop his long-time holdings in the company after their recent, and what many think is an ill-advised, acquisition. Now that its all off his hands he just needs another ownership group to take his calls. [Read More]

Blind Item: Lots of Unsteadiness In St. Louis Radio

After the abrupt cleaning job at K-Hits last week, it seems the St. Louis radio landscape. Here’s a purposely vague summary of what we are hearing: It’s been about a year that this much talked about station has launched, what contracts will failed to be renewed? Could there be a shake up in the mornings for a station down the hall from item #1? We doubt it but contract negotiations aren’t starting off well. [Read More]

Blind Item: Stupid Like a…

Which local TV station is had this exchange their employees recently:

Station: You get a free 2 week vacation!

Employees: Woohoo!

Station: We aren’t going to pay you though.

Employees: D’oh.