Punching Kitty One a Year Ago

A year seems so long ago. Isn’t that what you are supposed to say when you talk about things that were a year ago? We don’t know. What we do know is that every time we hear the word long we giggle. Well no matter how you start this out, we’ve gotten a lot of new readers in the last few months, so here are some classics. Missed Connections: Get Your Nerd Freak On! [Read More]

On Vacation

Punching Kitty will be on a little vacation for the rest of the week. Just the rest of the week…not like our last “vacation“. Don’t worry though, though we won’t be doing our full posting schedule, we do have a few things queued up for our sexy readers while we are on our break. To staisfy your insane obsession with us we’ll tell you what we are doing on our vacation: We’re going to Paraguay to find this chick pictured below. [Read More]

April Fools Day 2010

We decided that St. Louis stories are bat-shit crazy enough so we didn’t do a single April Fools Day post today.

You’re welcome.

We Have a Mobile Site!

So we hear these iPhone things are getting pretty popular, and its proven by our stats that say lots of you try to read this site with one. Just for you people (and you other crazy Blackberry and Android phone people too) Punching Kitty now has a nice format for mobile phones! What do you need to do? Nothing! Just type in punchingkitty.com like normal and if you are on a iPhone (or whatever) the site will change to a nice, easily readable and browsable version. [Read More]

Did It Just Get Sexier In Here?

Did It Just Get Sexier In Here?


We redesigned!  A little facelift for our second year in business, but more importantly a major backend overhaul that should allow us to keep things fresh and interesting for your lookin’ balls which you will see as we go along.

So…what do you think?  …I mean not that we care or anything…but well…we’ve always had a crush on you.

Our Favorite Posts of 2009

We’ve done the list of you all liked the best (judged purely on page views), but screw that because now its time for us to say the best posts of the year were. “Translating Pam Maples’ Goodbye Memo to Post Dispatch Staff“ This one made the list simply because of the response we got from this post. Not in the comments or any type of even remotely public forum, but in private communications. [Read More]