Punching Kitty One a Year Ago

A year seems so long ago. Isn’t that what you are supposed to say when you talk about things that were a year ago? We don’t know. What we do know is that every time we hear the word long we giggle. Well no matter how you start this out, we’ve gotten a lot of new readers in the last few months, so here are some classics.

Missed Connections: Get Your Nerd Freak On!

I know what you are thinking right?  ”I wish there were photos!”  Guess whaaaaaaattttttttt!

Chris Perez We Hardly Knew Ye

Last night the Cardinals acquired the guy every one knew they wanted, Mark DeRosa, from the Cleveland Indians in exchange for “close of the future” Chris Perez

The Chicago Tribune Writes A Guide to St. Louis

Just for a second St. Louis think about any other place where you would go along with the whims of a hairy-backed drunk in a sleeveless t-shirt or a 8 year old?  Exactly, nowhere.

Kay Quinn Tweets Through Her Furlough

I know  you can find a better photo than that for your Twitter picture!  Just snap off a couple of shots on set tonight, you are definitely looking better than this old headshot these days!