Leaving St. Louis: If You’re Reading This, Someone Just Ditched You

Recently Forbes magazine pulled together all the data of where people have moved from and to in 2008 since “More than 10 million Americans moved from one county to another during 2008.” They also made a pretty little infographic showing inbound and outbound movement from a specified location.

Our tipster clicked St. Louis.

The results weren’t pretty.

Red is people moving away from St. Louis. Black is people moving too St. Louis.

That’s a lot of people hauling ass out of the Lou. The red doesn’t help, it makes it seem like people are leaving a fire trail burning rubber out of here…which actually would be pretty damn cool, but only until after the fires stopped and you looked around and noticed all that’s left of the neighborhood is you, the known pedophile and some car-jackingers.

If you can see past all the red there is one place people left to actually come to St. Louis. Do you see it?

Yeah. It’s totally Detroit! Freaking losers.

Ok. You left St. Louis, whatever. You wanna stay? That’s cool. …wait, you are coming here on purpose? …what hell hole did you leave? Oh Detroit? Makes sense.

Detroit is quickly turning in to one of those cities they use in video games and movies that look so horrible and shitty with amazing crime or horror movie-type plots that people are really surprised when they find out that place actually exists.

via Forbes