Missed Connections: Get Your Nerd Freak On!

Cosplaying geek couple looking for some friends – 23 (South County)

We’re looking for some friends, male or female, who have similar interests to ours.

If you’re the type who goes to midnight movies, goes to conventions (or has always wanted to go to one), or spends hours discussing the intricate details of Star Trek, you’re our type of person!

We’re great people to know if you’ve always wanted to get into costuming or cosplaying and didn’t know how. We love to share our interests with friends who are open to fun, geeky things.

We’d love to hang out a little, play some Wii, ride some roller coasters at Six Flags this summer, maybe even go to Archon together in October. We don’t bite, but we’ve noticed recently that we’ve only made a few good friends in the area, and many of them live pretty far away from us. [source]

I know what you are thinking right?  “I wish there were photos!”  Guess whaaaaaaattttttttt!

  Not sure how this qualifies as a &#8220;Missed Connection&#8221; but I&#8217;m not really complaining since it rare to find something that really needs as little commentary as this to be funny.   Nice easy one to bring me back in to the swing of things.