Yeah, We’re Back


Ahem.  Attention!  We called this meeting to tell you all something:

After much deliberating, I have decided to bring this blog back to life.

So what, if any changes will there be?  None really.  Its still going to be about St. Louis and the weird crap that happens around here.  There will still be youtube finds, and craigslist awesomeness.  Local media coverage may go down just a slight bit if only because I’m no longer entrenched in that world…thats not to say I’m not going to mention it at all, if someone does something awesome or stupid, I’m still all over it.

This blog was built 100% around just putting stuff out there and being honest.  ( That view is actually what got us in a little hot water a while back, but we’ve learned from that experience and knowing is half the battle. )

As far as posting amount, I’m hoping to at least stay in range of what I was doing before, but this site can take a lot of time, so with the other stuff I have on my plate, it might not be posting on quite as often as before, but I’ll do my best.

Basically, if you loved it before, hopefully, you will still love it now…and  if you hated it before, you’ll still hate it now (and keep reading like we both know you do).

(Photo via Cute Overload)