Missed Connection: Thumbs Up For Condoms!

Oh how I’ve missed going through the stalker open market that is Criagslist’s Missed Connections section!

(Emphasis mine.}


I was searching for a specific condom when I saw you hold a red, silk, teddy up to your perfect body. We locked eyes, smiled, and you turned back to the mirror. I left, but not before glancing at you. You then gave me a thumbs up, as I walked out with my condoms. If you can remember what brand of condoms I bought, please e-mail me back. I would love to see how that silk teddy looks on you! [Source]

Since this classy exchange happened at Johnny O’s in Florissant, I’m guessing we wouldn’t want to see either of them in their natural state.  That being said, be sure to check the picture Romeo attached to this particular missed connection (NSFW)