Our Favorite Posts of 2009

We’ve done the list of you all liked the best (judged purely on page views), but screw that because now its time for us to say the best posts of the year were.

  1. Translating Pam Maples’ Goodbye Memo to Post Dispatch Staff

This one made the list simply because of the response we got from this post.  Not in the comments or any type of even remotely public forum, but in private communications.  This post really struck a cord with a few disgruntled Post Dispatch employees and lots of others.

  1. Sonic Youth Has the Sexiest Fans

The picture used in this post cracks me up still to this day.  I could probably do a post on that photo a month with new one-liners like the ones used.  Though, I think the ones in the post are probably the best ones.

  1. Punching Kitty Finds Six Sitcoms Based in Missouri

This post took freaking forever.  Forever.  I knew I had an idea people would be in to, but it took a long time to track down the info and the opening sequence.  I was very tired the next day.  Totally worth it though.

  1. Punching Kitty Hits the Tomato Festival

This was just a fun day.  Spur of the moment style, I grabbed my cameras and headed south to the Tomato Festival.  Even though I missed the creation of the world record breaking BLT, I did eat some of it.  It was…well, maybe just watch the video on the post.

  1. When You Account for the Season, the Cardinals Aren’t All That Cheap

This is another one that took forever, but was totally worth it.  For one it was probably the one real shining light of journalism on this blog for the year and two, because after I posted it, we got so much traffic our new webserver crashed (thanks to being “fireballed“).

  1. Yeah, We’re Back

Ok I know that number 0 is a total cop out, but I had to have a special place for the post that re-launched the site after our…erm…unforntuate shutdown earlier in the year.