We Got Fireballed

daring_fireball_mentionYesterday we put up our post about the Investment Rating of all 31 Major League Baseball teams after factoring in their final salaries.  It was a post we worked on late into the night for and we were pretty proud of it considering just a few posts before it we were making puns about Pam from the Office’s vagina.

Later on yesterday you may have seen the site be…a little slow.  Ok, the site was freaking dead.  But it was the best kind of dead since our baseball post was linked to from one of our favorite blogs Daring Fireball.  So awesome.  Of course the problem lies in that its not just our favorite blog, its a lot of people’s favorite blog so our site got what for some time has been known as being “fireballed.”

To get a handle on the type of traffic our site was under yesterday, allow me to show you this graph:


That point in the middle there, where the server was running a full 400% more load that usual is when it was posted.

Having your sever melt before our eyes, never felt so good.