Sonic Youth Has the Sexiest Fans

In the crowd at last Friday’s “Live on the Levee” Sonic Youth show, we find this little photographic nugget of awesomeness:

sonic-youth-at-the-arch-7-17-09.3637128.36Oh god this is a hot audience!  I know what you are thinking…for the girls: [Cat Sound], and the fellas: “I’ve got a boner!

I’m guessing the 4th horseman is getting the beers.

I bet you $40 bucks the little one on the left lives in the middle guy’s beard.

I feel like there is a Lord of the Rings / Hobbit joke here somewhere, but I’ve never made it through those movies.

Ok…ok…seriously…seriously…what are we looking at here?  Ok the one in the middle is definitely a dude.  The bookends though?  I honestly don’t know.  I’m going to say, from left to right: Dude, Dude, Chick.

What are your thoughts?

[Photo credit: Riverfront Times]