Crazy Looking White Guy Does Crazy Stuff on the Phone

threat150july212009An Ohio man, Charles Papenfus, got a little pissed off at a St. Louis based telemarketer and he got arrested for it.

I know what  you are thinking, “We’ve all been there!  Sure the guy probably got pretty angry, but damn I hate those telemarketers!  Rabble!”  …well I’d hold off before jumping on Milton’s side here: (emphasis mine)

According to court documents, Charles W. Papenfus, 43, allegedly told a sales representative during a May 18 telephone call that he would burn down the building and kill the employees and their families.

Woah.  Ok.

He was indicted for making a terrorist threat, a Class D felony; and he could be sentenced to up to four years in prison if convicted.

Oh and his wife is pissed about it.  I bet she’s a real peach by the way…and super attractive.

“He shouldn’t have mouthed off on the phone, but this is overkill,” Tracie Papenfus said. “He just can’t handle it in there. He’s not a criminal. … They make it sound like he’s a terrorist, and he’s far from it.”

As crazy as this dude is, of course the sleazy telemarketers aren’t angels either.  The Post Dispatch figured out that the firm is probably TXEN Partners and they have been sued by the then Attorney General Jay Nixon for misleading consumers.

You know what though?  I will never, never understand the people that get even a little pissed off by telemarketers.  Yes, they are annoying and some are sleazy and don’t obey the no-call list, but to get to the point of threats (baseless or not) over an extended warrenty that never existed, as in this case…just. hang. up.

Its just that simple.

…well for most of us, this dude looks like a serial killer-in-waiting, but for the rest of us, just hang up.

I’m filing this under “Morons”…it works for both sides in this story.  I love when it hit cacategorizational palindrome!