Ms Teacher Bangs a Boy

Congratulations to that 15 year old kid with the wispy mustache (probably) who got his PE teacher at Trinity High School in Maryland Heights to bang him. The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office charged Kellie Ryan of Maryland Heights with one count of second-degree statutory rape and two counts of statutory sodomy. Ryan, 26, is a physical education teacher at Trinity High School. She’s accused of sleeping with a 15-year-old student. [Read More]

St. Louis Sex Blog, The Beautiful Kind, Vanishes

The acclaimed, anonymous, and St. Louis based erotic blog The Beautiful Kind really felt like it was just starting to take off. Much like this very blog, it was included in the recent list of favorite blogs by the Riverfront Times and we kept hearing more and more people naming themselves as readers to the constantly updated titillating stories of threesomes, butt-sex [Editor’s Note: Is butt-sex hyphenated?] and partner swapping. [Read More]

Sonic Youth Has the Sexiest Fans

Sonic Youth Has the Sexiest Fans
In the crowd at last Friday’s “Live on the Levee” Sonic Youth show, we find this little photographic nugget of awesomeness: Oh god this is a hot audience! I know what you are thinking…for the girls: [Cat Sound], and the fellas: “I’ve got a boner!“ I’m guessing the 4th horseman is getting the beers. I bet you $40 bucks the little one on the left lives in the middle guy’s beard. [Read More]

Craigslist: I Sucked Your…

This one really doesn’t need my commentary. It can stand on its own…and not just because the guy the little slut is looking for is apparently rocking a kick-stand: I sucked your BIG DICK at the Club 2 years ago – m4m – 23 (Club Stl) You were tall, dark hair, in shape, goodlooking, muscles, and a BIG DICK. You tried to fuck me but I ended up sucking you instead. [Read More]