Details on The Beautiful Kind’s Disappearance Start to Emerge

Punching Kitty has learned that the renown, St. Louis based, erotic blogger The Beautiful Kind, whose site mysteriously vanisheda few days ago, has broken her silence with a post on ads and photos). The whole post is well-written and worth reading when you get the chance, but we have the upshot for you below. Yes, as we suspected. Her identity was uncovered and she was fired. Damn you Google and your amazing fact finding ability! [Read More]

St. Louis Sex Blog, The Beautiful Kind, Vanishes

It seems that its rise might have lead to its undoing. Yesterday two particular messages from The Beautiful Kind’s Twitter account caught our eye. The first came at around 9am Tuesday morning: “Something very bad just happened.” The next at roughly 10am read: “I’m very sorry and sad.” We would have had screenshots of the tweets, butin the middle of writing this post, The Beautiful Kind’s twitter account was removedmoved to @TBK365. [Read More]