St. Louis Sex Blog, The Beautiful Kind, Vanishes

The acclaimed, anonymous, and St. Louis based erotic blog The Beautiful Kind really felt like it was just starting to take off. Much like this very blog, it was included in the recent list of favorite blogs by the Riverfront Times and we kept hearing more and more people naming themselves as readers to the constantly updated titillating stories of threesomes, butt-sex [Editor’s Note: Is butt-sex hyphenated?] and partner swapping.

It seems that its rise might have lead to its undoing.

Yesterday two particular messages from The Beautiful Kind’s Twitter account caught our eye.  The first came at around 9am Tuesday morning:

“Something very bad just happened.”

The next at roughly 10am read:

“I’m very sorry and sad.”

We would have had screenshots of the tweets, but in the middle of writing this post, The Beautiful Kind’s twitter account was removed moved to @TBK365. It wasn’t the first page associated with the site to vanish yesterday.

Though we aren’t sure of the time of the change, some time yesterday was removed along with all of its content and replaced with a message from “TBK’s web guru” admitting that “the site will remain closed until further notice.”

As far as the reason why, I feel I’m not at liberty to describe current circumstances involving TBK’s private life and I would ask that you respect her privacy at this time.

We’ll spare you the majority of the “guru’s” ruminations on the internet and personal privacy, but it sure seems like the cover of St. Louis’ preeminent sex blogger was blown.

But the ultimate question is this: despite whatever information may be unveiled about someone’s personal life, would that suddenly alter their ability to be a quality person to us? Perhaps in a very real way, the only wrongdoing that we might accuse others of lies only within our own imagination.

We have met The Beautiful Kind’s author before (and sworn to secrecy!) and thought she was great…and not just because she’s a Punching Kitty fan, but that didn’t hurt. As we at Punching Kitty know all too well, your blog getting you in trouble at work isn’t fun, so we hope our best guess is wrong, but it sure seems like someone found out enough to make The Beautiful Kind rather uncomfortable, which if you read the site, is pretty damn rare.

Emails to The Beautiful Kind have so far been unanswered.

We’ll keep you posted if we find out any thing further.